Since Oct.-Nov., have spent more time in the ER than on-line

Since Oct.-Nov., have spent more time in the ER than on-line

Since Oct.-Nov., have spent more time in the ER than on-line, due to numerous Cancer Complications (mostly, being unable to breathe), requiring various tests, consultations, and intrusive surgeries, one involving zero anesthesia but a huge X-Acto knife: box-cutter medicine? The last hospital trip was on Wed., which was also the last day one could go outside in Boston without turning into an ice sculpture –and my exhausted, wonderful, full-time health-care partner, and long-term "bestie," Kenneth Casanova, spotted this moon on the drive home..but it was yellow, and SO big it appeared to be eating the city buildings it was (visually) next to. Hoping for warmer weather, and fewer medical emergencies, soon.
Thanks always, Ken, for all your help, and for this magical moon (more impressive in real life and full color, duh).

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  1. Hope all that stuff clears up and you can shine like the star you are.

  2. So very good to hear from you and want to see you soon at CCB. Moon inspiration was great this morning as are you.

  3. <3 <3 <3 Love you soooo much...and of course the wonderful Ken, too!

  4. Happier new year, Joan. You are a beautiful, inspiring moon in the social firmament. Shine on! Bob & Lorraine wish you all the best.

  5. Amanda: Haven’t seen you in SO long. Where you hanging out these days? Kisses–

  6. Good luck with that, Tom: MWAH! And may there be no X-ACTO knives on any doctor’s tray when he’s through with you! <3

  7. Joan, love and solidarity from me, too. I have two appointments at Sloan-Kettering this week. My oncologist will be suggesting a Plan B.

  8. Sending you love and solidarity Joan.

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