Right there with ya mama

Right there with ya mama

Right there with ya mama. Mine wasn’t really a consumer issue though. Benji really wanted these Beyblades…….from Japan as his "big gift" which were actually kind of little!!! Who knew it takes a REALLY long time to ship them so some didn’t arrive in time (it took months….and I’m a planner but not THAT great of a planner). It was the thing he wanted most and especially since the drum thing fell through (which I had to be creative about too) I was so bummed. Somehow kids have a way of making us (Santa) feel better? He was super understanding with a note from Santa about how they fell off the sleigh in Germany when he was visiting Sebi….Sebi even helped me out there BC he’s cool like that and verified my story. So he told him they would be shipped in the mail and I have these cool "North Pole’ stickers. On the second day after Christmas benji got 3 of them which was amazingly cool. 3separate knocks at the door (I love you Mailperson!) I’m so sorry that happened Beth Pence. Trust me I get it. I looked under our tree too and for the first time it was a little scarce and I had to spread the clothes and things out (which isn’t usually a kid favorite) to make it look like a Christmas. I know…..first world problems too and believe me… .I see those that can only wish for those problems in my job every day but we all want our kids to have a little magic on Christmas so that’s nothing to feel bad about. It’s one joyous day!! Benji is always so helpful and he deals with all of my health issues every day like a champ…..and is so incredibly grateful. So I was a bit disappointed but somehow he wasn’t. He thought Christmas was just extended. I know you will come up with something equally amazing and hope your kids enjoy their magic surprise!! And to the idiot who said "just go buy more presents"…..that’s easier said than done. What a silly solution! The scavenger hunt is something I have done before that Benjj loved…. But it’s a little different when you are trying to be patient and wait for your big santa gift. I used it for his experience cards to surprise him about a trip we were planning to NYC. Not the same on Christmas morning when kids are so excited!! Today will be great though. Thank God for kids! Get the basics for less or save on all of life’s fun extras here.  


  1. It’s a Barthelona thing

  2. Fancy name for yoga clothes.

  3. Running shorts that come with holes in them?

  4. It’s that thing of when you take the M out of math and how do you not know what leisure is?

  5. TSA approved?

  6. it is a HUGE new-ish category in fashion …

  7. I blame Gwyneth.

  8. And Kate Hudson!

  9. Yoga pants you hang out in. I don’t know why they need to a new word, it’s what I’ve always done in them.

  10. I don’t remember. I think cash was best. Get more for your dollar

  11. What day is it tomorrow…

  12. Haha!

  13. This video is EXACTLY what came to my mind too:)

  14. I thought you’d enjoy it! Admittedly, I am guilty of this, but only because I’m running errands on the way to the gym. LOL

  15. that is awesome!

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