It’s never an easy thing to be a truth-sayer

It’s never an easy thing to be a truth-sayer

It’s never an easy thing to be a truth-sayer. But it harms my soul far more deeply to stay silent in the name of social mores or diplomacy, than to speak what I know to be necessary. My criticisms of Privilege, the mass marketing of "holistic health" that is aimed at the very well off; bias and opinion presented as fact (I tried, I really did, to get through the cancer thing about animals currently making the rounds, but I was going to break my monitor and I can’t afford a new one)…the Law of Attraction LIE…the epidemic of Dunning-Kruger syndrome…I’ve spoken out on all of the above, and made enemies, that’s for sure. But I’ve also made friends, and gathered a community around me of those who want to live in authenticity, work with all kinds of peoples, animals, the earth…I’ve gathered (and I’ve joined) communities where my devotion to the earth, and to justice and to the truth as I see it, is appreciated and even celebrated.For them, their presence in my life in so many ways, gratitude is too small a word. <3
To those who see me in a negative way, I have nothing to say to that…it’s your opinion, your place on your path, perhaps what I reflect is uncomfortable for you, or how I say it, too blunt. If you knew the first thing about me, you’d know how intrinsically kind hearted I am, how willing – eager! – to support the work of others, how thirsty for knowledge I am – not so I can inflate myself before others, but so I can HELP…and if that involves speaking some plain truths along the way, know that I do so with a need to help, to share what I can, at the very least, to offer another way of looking at 

Saks fifth avenue.
As I grow older I may speak more softly, but I will never, ever, stop speaking my truth. With all the pain and burden that entails. Even as I continue to grow, change, and work within myself, for the benefit of all, with the guidance of the Elders who have gone before, and the forest, and All My Relations..


  1. Nodding my head yes as the owner of a dog where surgery was curative for Mct

  2. …and me too, at 7 Danny’s MCT was taken off, no recurrence, we FNA all his lumps and umps, and yes I do preventive diet and herbs. But that surgery was key.

  3. Well said.

  4. You’re not liking the cancer doco? I thought you’d be really interested in what they’re doing.

  5. Gabriele Joy in order to really understand a concept as complex as cancer, and to be able to effectively address it with nutrition and herbs, we absolutely HAVE to look at all the angles, all the research, all the opinions, not just the ones that appeal to us. So, let’s have a different look at Thomas Seyfried. For starters.…/

  6. Yep, Tracy, so many of my clients whose dogs have cancer did “everything right”…when I lost Luke, my first Ridgeback, the leading researcher in hemangiosarcoma told me pointblank,” this cancer doesn’t give a fuck about what you fed”. That was 11 years ago and while I strongly believe in the role of diet in health overall, I think it’s delusional to say it is THE factor in preventing and managing cancer.

  7. I want to say, that as much as I respect vets like SteveMarsden, I was dismayed at the editing/presentation in the beginning that presents surgery, chemo and radiation as “bad” or at best, useless. In all the lymphoma cases I’ve worked with, as one exa…

  8. Cat Lane My last 3 dogs died of cancer – all raw fed on commercial balanced diets for the majority of their lives… It is definitely not a panacea. I am ALWAYS learning and gaining a broader perspective in order to do better for my animals (and others that I help).

  9. It’s not radically different from what I’ve been doing for 20 years, but my problem is not so much that, as they present their bias as factual and a very narrow look at cancer, in a way that does NOT have the backing of the scientific community.


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