I don’t ask for a lot, but I need every last one of my friends on here to keep my mom in your thoughts. She was in a bad car accident and her car is completely totaled. Her co-worker was in the car with her and is 5 months pregnant.Read More →

️‍ ️‍ ️‍ ️‍ ️‍ LOVE is LOVE and all people are equal so let’s get behind marriage equality for our LGBTQI+ friends and take action. Here’s what YOU can do: 1. Go to www.yes.org.au and sign up 2. Host a phone party – yes pick up the phone andRead More →

BEST SQUAT YOU’RE NOT DOING: Cable-Loaded Prayer Squats using the new @dieselscgear Multi-Strap from @smittydiesel! This has all the counter-balance benefits of goblet or front squats without overly fatiguing the shoulders. So you can really sit back and stay upright and blast those quads. Try sets of 20-30 continuous tensionRead More →

✋ Let’s be friggin honest here.. If people truly wanted outta their situation, they’d find a hundred bucks to save up and make it happen. The same people who tell me they can’t seem to afford a hundred bucks for starting their own biz ….also go and buy a StarbucksRead More →

Check out this Throwback! PSA: Wearing high heels and posing in a giant drain is never a good idea Thanks to Trinity A. Greer for these incredible photos!!! This shoot was a BLAST! by: Amanda Watkins —– #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #fitnessinspiration #runtheday #stayfitlovelife #liveradiantly #trainwithmonica #tracklife #sprints #livewell #eatwell #trainhard #beeteliteathleteRead More →

So, my prediction for tonight’s fight: Mayweather by knockout. Early. Sure, there’s a chance McGregor will win, but that would depend on McGregor fighting the best he ever has and Mayweather being at the worst of his career. That might happen, but the thing Mayweather does better than boxing? PickingRead More →

Your not going to want to miss this Like any of these??? Interested in learning about Plexus in a fun way and winning some of these??? All happening Monday Aug. 28th from the comfort of your home!!!! One hour long amazing event Earn raffle tickets for amazing giveaways, let meRead More →