No wait until President Obama to enjoy dinner with bun cha here that Huong Lien emerging. Before that, keep asking for noodles in Le Van Huu Street, no one is not aware that this is Huong Lien. It is also said that people living around Thi Sach Street –Read More →

Notice something rather curious. All Western leaders who travel  tour Pu Luong 2 days with their wives to the kingdom of the sand are bound by a bedouin baptism: dancing to men and sailing to wives. · See original ·Read More →

It’s never an easy thing to be a truth-sayer. But it harms my soul far more deeply to stay silent in the name of social mores or diplomacy, than to speak what I know to be necessary. My criticisms of Privilege, the mass marketing of "holistic health" that is aimedRead More →

  If you rent hotel rooms in Phan Thiet, then the price will be cheaper in Mui Ne. Rates range from VND200,000-300,000 / night in Phan Thiet City and VND300,000-350,000 / night in Mui Ne. If you have any conditions, you can rent a room in Mui Ne, the priceRead More →

I just downloaded 7 apps! All are required by my kids’ school! Interesting how teachers are staying connected with the parents using social media and technologies, and how they are using these tools to document kids’ learning journeys. My husband felt a bit overwhelmed with all the apps. But IRead More →

So glad I made the  15 days in Myanmar tour group in time tonight. #halloween #costume #tourists #tacky #touristtrap #fannypack @mama_rides_a_lion More →