When Nguyen Hoang (1524-1613), with his strategic vision and cautious measures, was in the process of digging up the land of Dang Trong in 1558, he prepared long-term steps for the construction and development of a long-term polity. In order to win the hearts and also to keep the peaceRead More →

I definitely didn’t know much about rabbit care when Klaus first came into our family. He’s a happy, healthy boy now, but that’s only after some serious researching these past two years. Bunnies are a ton of work, and they deserve families willing to commit lots of time and loveRead More →

Two works of art from “shithole” countries, both displayed prominently in their usual place, above the couch in our living room. At bottom right, next to the light switch, a small painting I bought on my trip to El Salvador. On the left, a larger painting that the people ofRead More →

The_pinnacle: A Brief Introduction to satoshi bloodless revolution “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — R. Buckminster Fuller The revolution of 2009 went unnoticed by most people because it was peaceful, orderly and profoundlyRead More →

It seems I’m always taking on a remodeling project just before I’m getting ready to go on a big trip. This time, it’s for our studio! We’ve been planning this one for quite some time and today was the first step. Rang up my favorite contractors again bc I knowRead More →

Since Oct.-Nov., have spent more time in the ER than on-line, due to numerous Cancer Complications (mostly, being unable to breathe), requiring various tests, consultations, and intrusive surgeries, one involving zero anesthesia but a huge X-Acto knife: box-cutter medicine? The last hospital trip was on Wed., which was also theRead More →

Boxcar isn’t dead, just making a very slow recovery from being comatose for most of this year while I’ve been working on De-Canon, my own immigration paperwork, and book tour / promotion stuff. We just sent in our nominations for Best of the Net 2017. Congratulations to Sarah Carson, ChrisRead More →

Kohl’s and I have a love hate relationship!! I love their store and love shopping there but their advertisements are so false! See this 30% off coupon? Look at the popular athletic brands advertised! 30% off these awesome name brands, score… right? Wrong… check it the fine print. Coupons can’tRead More →