Since Oct.-Nov., have spent more time in the ER than on-line, due to numerous Cancer Complications (mostly, being unable to breathe), requiring various tests, consultations, and intrusive surgeries, one involving zero anesthesia but a huge X-Acto knife: box-cutter medicine? The last hospital trip was on Wed., which was also theRead More →

Boxcar isn’t dead, just making a very slow recovery from being comatose for most of this year while I’ve been working on De-Canon, my own immigration paperwork, and book tour / promotion stuff. We just sent in our nominations for Best of the Net 2017. Congratulations to Sarah Carson, ChrisRead More →

Kohl’s and I have a love hate relationship!! I love their store and love shopping there but their advertisements are so false! See this 30% off coupon? Look at the popular athletic brands advertised! 30% off these awesome name brands, score… right? Wrong… check it the fine print. Coupons can’tRead More →

Right there with ya mama. Mine wasn’t really a consumer issue though. Benji really wanted these Beyblades…….from Japan as his "big gift" which were actually kind of little!!! Who knew it takes a REALLY long time to ship them so some didn’t arrive in time (it took months….and I’m aRead More →

 Only three days holiday in Pacific calendar 2018, Sa Pa has attracted 4.2 thousand visitors, up 7,000 people over the same period in 2017. Mr. Do Trong Nguyen, Head of Culture and Information Division of Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province, said the information.   Besides, according to Mr. DoRead More →

This is why women who know me understand when I say I may have external plumbing but I don’t understand guys. My wife stayed home to raise the kids while I worked graveyard. I still got up and cooked dinner a couple times a week. But then I do likeRead More →

 North West is beautiful four seasons year round. This is the land where the road is dangerous but deadly to make people know how many people find. August is over, September, October coming to signal the harvest season is nine. It can be said that the North West is theRead More →

Etosha versus Kruger: plenty of springbok and gemsbok in Etosha (rarely seen in SA outside the Kalahari) but no buffalo and few elephants. In Kruger, longer and better maintained network of roads, more birds and plants/trees, many rivers versus the stunning Etosha pan (like the face of the moon). Etosha:Read More →